About Us

Perfecto – An event management Company that will perfectly meet your expectation. Perfecto is known for its practice of giving customized plans. We are a team of experts involved in this service for more than 2 years. 

Our strive for quality and class will be seen in every task we lay our hands upon. We always look for ways to do things in cost effective manner, which gives us a number one spot in our clients list.

Our experience in handling clients has taught us to deliver more than expected. We are eager to add you in the list of our Golden clients. 

7 reasons why chooose Perfecto

Bunch of Brainstormers

Once you sign up for a event. An expert team of planners will be collecting your needs and Budget. Then, through Brainstorming they will come up with wide variety of ideas and plans without affecting the Budget. A lot of times, our clients have been mesmerized with our plans and how we executed them within their budgets. All thanks to this session, this has added a great value to  our Business model. You may also participate in this session or else we will send you our ideas personally.

Variety of services – All at one Place

We as a team have managed a lot of events like Birthday party, Wedding, Retirement party, Get-together, Alumni Meet etc., This has made us an “all at one place” service provider.

Scientific Management

Our inclination towards proven practices has enabled us to use a wide variety of management tools, Psychological principles to streamline management flawlessly and treat the guest with utmost hospitality.


Our habit of far-sightedness enables us to plan for contingencies like  unpredicted weather, Excess food, Handling of Traffic, Time management  etc.


We care about the Guests just as you do. Our security team will be monitoring continuously to ensure safety and security of your guest and their belongings.

6. Theme Based Packages

We have an album of packages which will help you choose easily. We provide special themes for many events. Our kids pack has more than 60 themes from which you can choose for their Birthday parties. We also have more than 10 themes for wedding based on different ethnicity and our list keeps on growing just like us.

Fair Price

We regularly look for cost cutting ways so that we satisfy our clients within their budgets. So you need not worry about paying more than what you get.  Our pricing is the most fairest you can find in our vicinity. And each penny you pay will be returned more as a value. This act as a solid Brand setter for our company.